4th of February, 2021
Title-Photo: Teddy Fitzhugh
Celine Lika
Interview: Martin Hufnagel

Ela Minus

When a friend gave her a pocket synthesizer, Ela Minus knew that she finally found what she had been looking for. She swapped studying coding at Berkeley for making electronic music.
Now, the Columbian-born musician, producer, and artist has turned her passion for experimenting with synthesizers into an album: Acts of Rebellion.
In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin and Ela talk about the creation of this record as well as their shared love of Radiohead and dislike for maths in school. They also discuss how Ela’s taste in music has changed, how her style has evolved accordingly and how some music hits different as a teenager.

Ela Minus’ new album Acts of Rebellion is out now.

Ela Minus by Teddy Fitzhugh
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Thank you, Ela, for being part of The Wasted Hour.
For more information, visit her Instagram.
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