18th of February, 2021
Title-Photo: Eimear Lynch
Celine Lika
Interview: Martin Hufnagel

Fiona O'Neill

Fiona O’Neill first got into fashion by making a Halloween costume when she was 12.
With her self-named label, the Irish designer approaches fashion from an art perspective, and her fascinating prints caught Martin’s eye.
In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin and Fiona chat about using Instagram filters to create patterns, eco-friendly fashion, how she initially didn’t want to go to Central Saint Martins but ended up loving it there, and her first customer Björk. They discuss her brand’s future, which includes more printing, more sustainability, and more Ireland. Martin and Fiona also find out that they’re both dreaming of a house on a remote island somewhere in Norway.

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Thank you, Fiona, for being part of The Wasted Hour.
For more information, visit her Instagram.
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