14th of January, 2021
Title-Photo: Alice Kunisue
Intro & Interview:
Martin Hufnagel

Lou Hayter

For the latest episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast I talked with Lou Hayter, the London-based musician, DJ and musical director.

We talked about her favourite Madonna song, her time as a keyboarder for the New Young Pony Club, the Tomorrow’s World album with Air’s JB Dunckel, her stage fright, the difference between DJing at clubs or at fashion shows and of course her new music.

Lou Hayter’s new single 'Time Out of Mind‘ is out January 15th.

Check out her latest singles Private Sunshine and My Baby Just Cares For Me.

Lou Hayter Alice Kunisue
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Lou Hayter - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Thank you, Lou, for being part of The Wasted Hour.
For more information, visit her Instagram.
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