5th of December, 2019
Title-Photo: Martin H.

Sleep D

Sleep D and their label Butter Sessions are one of the main pillars of the current electronic scene in Melbourne.
In contrast to other producers and DJs coming from this beautiful city in Australia, Corey and Maryos didn’t leave town to settle in Europe. From the beginning they built their tight knit network, at first through a forum and later through their label.

They met with editor in-chief Martin at their studio in Carlton to talk about growing up in Frankston and going to underage clubs, forming Sleep D and their label Butter Sessions, the whole DIY approach and of course their new album, Rebel Force.

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Sleep D  2019
Listen to our full conversation via The Wasted Hour Podcast

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Thank you Corey & Maryos, for being part of The Wasted Hour.
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