VIEW | 27th of August 2018

The Analog Files by MH

I started shooting analog at the end of last year.
With my digital camera I was never able to produce the pictures I wanted to shoot, and the whole procedure of picking the right image among all those hundreds I’d taken and the endless possibilities of retouching began to block me.
I never felt like I finished anything.

A few weeks later I decided to buy an analog camera through eBay. It was a Pentax MX. Unfortunately, the light meter didn’t work so my first roll of film was totally over-exposed.
Now, a lot of tutorials and rolls of film later there are some pictures that I like and feel confident enough to share.

Right now I’m gathering images for my first portfolio, which will be released in September.
Until then, here’s a small collection of some photos I shot in the course of this summer. Most of them I’ve shared the past few weeks on our site’s Instagram.
Here are they, in a better resolution and with some brief side-notes.

Opening Image: Travemünde
A good thing about living in Hamburg is being close to the sea. Drive for one hour and you find yourself on the shore of the Baltic coast (if there’s no traffic jam, which there usually is).
After a long walk we sat down at the promenade, lots of people kept passing by and I shot a picture every now and then.
There were a lot of good ones, but these two stood out to me.

St. Georg, Hamburg
A friend visited us and he stayed at a hotel near the central station in the St. George district. Even though the area has become safer over the past 20 years, there’s still a lot of drug abuse and prostitution. Nevertheless the (often peaceful) coexistence of people with a different nationality or sexuality makes it an interesting place to live.
The specific hotel where I picked up our friend and shot these pictures has previously been a whorehouse. There are still large mirrors on the ceiling, or hooks where you could fasten a swing.

Shoreditch, London
Both of these happened ten minutes one after another.
The guy cleaning the streets was removing the remains of the weekly Bricklane market, und the lady with the face mask emerged from a building next to the apartment in which I was staying.

Whitechapel, London
The first one was shot at the tube station near Whitechapel Gallery. I was waiting there for a friend and the boy standing next to me was having a long, intense phone conversation.
I tried not to listen, and put on some music and started to become lost in my thoughts. When he hung up and headed towards the tube entrance, I realised that the light was perfect, so raised my camera and just pressed the button in the hope that it would work out.
The second one was taken at the Elephant and Castle tube station, and I was aware that it would make a good pair with the other one.

St. Georg, Hamburg
This is the view from the rooftop terrace from the Royal Meridien. You can see a lot of boats sailing the Alster, a tributary of the Elbe river which forms two lakes in the inner city of Hamburg. The Atlantic Hotel (best known for its scene in a James Bond movie) is just a 100m down the same street. It was incredibly hot this day (as it has been all summer) and seeing the palm-tree in front of the entrance made me feel like I was somewhere in the south.

St. Georg, London
Those two were taken during the golden hour on the rooftop terrace of the Royal Meridien Hotel in Hamburg. Looking down at my shoes I noticed that they matched the colour of the carpet.

Finkenwerder, Hamburg
It’s not that often that the temperature exceeds 30 degrees in Hamburg, but as I mentioned before, this summer has been exceptionally hot – just what I love.
That’s why one day, when I kept sweating and sticking to my chair, I decided to take the ferry to have a break at the outdoor pool.
One of the people on the ferry matched his outfit perfectly to the ferry ceiling.
Ten minutes later, still on my way to the open-air pool, I passed this mark on the concrete.

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