VIEW | 28th of June 2018

Zhamak 'The Cat' Fullad

One night I landed on Zhamak's Tumblr, and couldn't stop scrolling.
Her portraits fascinate me and when she's capturing a party I've the feeling I'm there.

Thank you Zhamak, for being part of The Wasted Hour.

What made you pick up a camera in the first place?
A random elective course in high school that my counsellor told me to take for fun.

In a recent Instagram Post you wrote "I miss taking photos of my friends and not caring about the results. I miss having fun with photography.There's too much pressure now to be a certain way; to be "perfect". I miss the simple things that made me fall in love.“
What made you fall in love?

Haha, I loved just being somewhere with my camera and taking photos of everyone; friends, strangers, whomever that was around. As I've been getting more serious with photography and the career I've made with it, well, things aren't so much 'fun' anymore. Growing up and having responsibilities and paying bills is all super annoying, and it takes away from being free.

How you do preserve that love?
I don't! I've been struggling with this very exact situation.

Often your pictures capture the vibe of a party: Do you have time to enjoy the party even though you’re taking pictures?
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. There's times that I can't wait to go home from a job and sleep with all my stuffed animals. But, of course, there are times that I don't sleep for a couple of days.

What was the last record, you fell in love with?
Edgewood by Trouble

What’s your favourite place in Toronto?
Kid Studio.

If you could go back in time to explore a certain era, which one would it be?
I would definitely want to be a young adult during the 70's and 90's.

How did you spend the major part of your youth?
I messed around a lot, I wasn't a good kid and always got into trouble.
Although, if you ask the same question of my friends, they'll say I'm still too wild. I like taking risks and always have done, so I spend most of my time being in the moment. I've always liked being spontaneous.

What is the biggest downside of growing up?
Losing touch with the playful side of everyday things. Life gets more serious as you grow older, and everything is a lot more sad.

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