9 May 2021

Photos & Text:
Asia Werbel

Asia has been working backstage at fashion weeks in Milan, Paris and London for the best part of 10 years on her project ‘Dystfunctional Wonderland’. During this time she has also been commissioned by several magazines and fashion houses as official backstage photographer. As a photographer Asia specialises in documentary photography, portraiture and fashion editorial, more recently getting into moving image. With her project 'Mothership', she did something completely different, something personal.  

Continuing culture is essential so the next generation has the knowledge to pass it on. It’s important for kids to know about culture, country and their elders; connection to their identity and their heritage. I feel a great responsibility as a photographer to capture this within our family.

Rarely has there been a time when a pandemic underscores the necessity of strengthening social support.
My family; a household full of women. Four generations. Capturing our story.

Thank you, Asia, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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