PODCAST | 14 May 2020

Title Photo & Interview: Martin Hufnagel
Intro: Maximilian Botsio


(German Audio)

The guy who does everything – actor, rapper, model, entertainer. ‘I can do everything. I don’t mean to be cocky, but I just can!’ Booz can…and does…do everything.
In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, our editor-in-chief Martin talks with Booz about his goals and how to reach them, the difficulties of being in the industry, Skylines, his idol Will Smith and his favourite spots in his hometown Hamburg. 

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Booz, 'Tokyo Vibez' (Prod. by SMR and OUHBOY)

Booz, 'Popcorn' (Prod. by SMR and Harun)

Booz, 'Drip Check' (Prod by. TURNROCK)

Thank you, Booz, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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