30 January 2020

Photo & Interview:
Martin Hufnagel


With his latest record Midnite Ride II, producer Brenk Sinatra has released my favourite album of the year. When I listen to tracks like ‘Dali 96’, I feel everything falling into place, and (as pathetic as this may sound) I feel that there’s a reason why we’re here on this earth.
On a cold but sunny day, we met in his studio in Vienna to talk about his favourite place in the city, the death of Nipsey Hustle, making music for a living and, of course, Midnite Ride II

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Brenk Sinatra, 'Midnite Ride II'
Physical: HHV
Digital: Spotify

Beat Gorilla Tour 2020:

07.02. Nuremberg – Desi
08.02. Regensburg – Waschbar
13.02. Berlin – Badehaus
14.02. Dresden – Altes Wettbüro
15.02. Prag – Relish
17.02. Munich – feierwerk
18.02. Leipzig – Conne Island
19.02 Hannover – Mephisto
20.02. Hamburg – Häkken
20.02. Cologne – Subways
21.02. Stuttgart – F&K
25.02. Innsbruck – Dachsbau
28.02. Zürich – Bagatelle93
29.02. Basel – Kaserne
21.03. Wiesbaden – Schlachhof
28.03. Moskau – Powerhouse
25.04. Vienna – Flex

Thank you, Brenk, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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