7 June, 2023

Martin Hufnagel


Spyros Rennt started out studying electrical and computer engineering. Now, he is a photographer based in Berlin and already released his second book titled 'Portraits'. ‘I just took a different path to get where I’m now’, Spyros says.In today's episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin visited Sypros on a sunny day in Berlin; they talk about Sypros' life in Berlin and his favorite places in the city and the liberation it offers. Especially how Berlin and his life in Neukölln differs from his childhood spend in Athens, at a time where gay pride and queerness was not celebrated like it is today.Discover insights about the working process of the photographer, his way of selecting images and upcoming projects. Listen in on Martin’s and Sypros conversation about film photography, the journey of becoming an artist and night-life experiences.

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Thank you, Spyros, for being part of wasted hour.

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