Special, selected, and sustainable

The Wasted Hour, founded by Martin Hufnagel in 2018 and based in Hamburg, Germany, is a creative space for inspiring designers and artists. ‘When selecting a product for The Wasted Hour, the most important thing has always been that it must do something to me when I see or touch it. I keep thinking about it, processing it.’ Like a curated gallery, The Wasted Hour provides a platform for expression.

The Concept Store
Just like us, our customers of all genders are fashion-conscious and carefully select their clothes. The Wasted Hour is home to exceptional and exclusive labels. Whether firmly established or emerging, our designers are highly motivated and put their heart into what they do. While maintaining a consistent identity, they are continuously evolving. Our designers still have surprising new ideas, keeping up with the times.

The earth’s resources are finite. So, instead of mass production and fast fashion, mindfulness and awareness are the future. Sustainable fashion is extremely diverse, with many different looks and approaches. Since the word ‘sustainability’ is open to interpretation, we believe in letting our brands speak for themselves to explain what it means to them.

The Magazine
We have created an entire The Wasted Hour universe around our products to tell their backstories. Browse our magazine for articles on current issues, virtual photography exhibitions, and short pieces of creative writing. Eavesdrop on the inspiring conversations of Martin and his guests on The Wasted Hour Podcast or listen to our ever-evolving mixtape. Editorials – mostly shot by our founder Martin – present our products in different contexts.

Since skateboarding as a child, Martin has been fascinated by how people express who they are and what they believe in through the way they dress. While studying law in Hamburg and Paris, he worked at a traditional men’s outfitter and later in the luxury fashion sector. Having found his true passion, Martin ended up mainly working in fashion, completing his studies on the side.

Martin’s goal in founding The Wasted Hour was to create something new: a shop and magazine, a digital concept store. ‘I came across many outstanding brands and products that I wanted to know more about – their backstory, their vision, their inspiration.’ Martin had looked in vain for a place where he could get hold of the products and their stories, so he created it himself. ‘The Wasted Hour allows me to share what I’m passionate about: photography, skateboarding and other subcultures, music, and, of course, fashion.’

The products that Martin selects for The Wasted Hour inspire him. He wants to share this feeling, so that others can experience it too – so that you are inspired too.