When selecting a product for The Wasted Hour, the most important thing has always been that it must do something to us.
You keep thinking about it, processing it – you feel inspired.

Beautiful bags and accessories which make the perfect addition to any outfit. Contemporary Timelessness.

#Accessories #Bags #MadeInGermany 

Bethany Williams takes sustainability to the next level. Not only does she support various charitable causes each season, donating a percentage of her profits, but Bethany and her team are also working together with charity services to develop new materials and fabrics.

#Sustainable #SociallyResponsible #Special  

Ben and Matthew from London merge streetwear and tailoring like no other label before it.

#FromLondon #Sneakers #Streetwear  

Andreas and Julia Riess are a father-daughter duo designing ceramics which are handcrafted in Hamburg. 

#Homewares #Handmade 

Having graduated from art school, best friends Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta founded their own brand in 2011. Working bicoastally, Eckhaus Latta is based in both L.A. and New York. The label is committed to sustainability and letting the wearer define their pieces. With their unconventional designs, they encourage gender fluidity and creativity.

#Sustainable #Unconventional #Art #GenderFluid

The brand explores themes of surrealism and optical illusions, incorporating different art forms and application processes such as screen printing, painting by hand and ceramic sculpting.

#SustainableFabrics #Special #MadeInEngland 

This Australian label has been merging fashion, music, and art since 2015. The designer duo Kiel Rogers and Rhys Scott are well-known for their avant-garde and DIY aesthetic, creating innovative shapes and original ideas. At the centre of it all: music.

#Avant-Garde #FromAustralia #Music 

Isaac Reina uses minimalist designs and only the finest leather to create his exceptionally elegant accessories. Made in France and Spain. 

#LeatherAccessories #HighQuality #Timeless  

Bye, bye fast fashion! With their label JAN 'N JUNE, Anna and Jula have been proving that clothes can be fashionable, affordable, and sustainable since 2013.

#Sustainable #Affordable #Fashionable #Basics 

Jun Li is an up-and-coming designer from Shanghai. Drawing on his experience in various forms of art and excellent craftsmanship, he creates fascinating avant-garde designs.

#Special #Menswear #Avant-arde #FromShanghai 

With over 2 decades in the industry, Shropshire-born Lou Dalton has become an integral part of men’s fashion shows. She effortlessly combines tradition and modernity to create unique pieces made in the UK.

#HighQuality #MadeInEngland #BritishMenswear   

Having been friends for over a decade, Belgian designers Mansour Badjoko and Martin Liesnard founded Mansour Martin in 2019. With their Paris-based label, the duo has combined their extensive knowledge to create sustainable menswear without boundaries. Not only do they support various human rights projects, but they are also committed to sustainable fashion, using organic fabrics and relying on environmentally-friendly production in Europe.

#Sustainable #WithoutBoundaries #FromParis

When Pete Hellyer couldn’t find a pair of sustainable jeans he liked, he made his own instead. With his conscious brand non, he has developed a new approach to eco-friendly and ethically produced denim. non employs numerous ways to have the smallest environmental impact possible while producing timeless yet modern jeans that you can have in your wardrobe for many years.

#Sustainable #Denim #Timeless

Our Legacy is a contemporary Swedish label, creating clothes that are identified by subtle detailing, minimalist shape and strong emphasis on quality.
The brand uses only ethically sourced European fabrics to ensure high quality and adherence to its heritage.

#EffortlesslyCool #HighQuality #FromSweden 

When she realised that she was in a position to help make the fashion industry less environmentally harmful, Phoebe English drastically rebuilt her eponymous brand. Having reassessed every single process, sustainability has become an important part of the way she designs.

#Sustainable #Genderless #NewFabrics #MadeInEngland

These perfect, sustainable basics bring long-term happiness to you and the environment.

#Sustainable #Basics #ThePerfectT-Shirt

What began as a shoe factory for football boots in Herzogenaurach, Germany is now one of the world’s leading sports brands. Since 1948, PUMA has been helping athletes to perform at their best while also merging sports and fashion. They aim to reach 10 sustainability targets by 2025, such as ensuring fair working conditions throughout the supply chain and using more sustainable materials.

#SportsandLifestyle #FromGermany #Iconic

Rejina Pyo is a Korean-born London-based designer with the vision to encourage individuality through timeless collections to be worn season after season.

#Womenswear #HighQuality #Elegant #Accessories

The Finnish designer’s backstory is quite unusual. Rolf studied psychology and social work, and even worked as a professional poker player before eventually finding his true passion: fashion.

#Menswear #MadeInEurope #Special

Homeware by SAXEN Studio fulfil the following 3 principles: the use of the finest materials, a sleek design, and a flawless manufacturing process.

#Homewares #MadeInFrance 

Geometric cuts, deconstructed forms, conscious materials – Simon Lextrait uses his designs to respond to the trivialities of everyday life. After growing up in the South of France, Simon studied fashion design in Geneva and Amsterdam. He then founded his eponymous label, which is based in Paris.

#FromParis #Geometry #Innovative #Sustainable

Oscar and Sean couldn’t find any interesting socks – so instead, they decided to make their own! And why not use organic cotton?

#Socks #HighQuality #Sustainable 

This husband-and-wife duo creates sustainable pieces made from organic materials in their studio in the Indian forest. Their designs are full of life and express an optimistic attitude and a deep love of nature.

#Sustainable #MadeWithNature #Special

This L.A.-based streetwear brand is profoundly connected to the skateboarding subculture and inspired by music, photography, and graphic design. On & off since 1997.

#Streetwear #FromLosAngeles #GraphicDesign

After being born in Beijing and living out his teenage years on a skateboard in Perth, Yang Li studied at Central Saint Martins in London and worked alongside Raf Simons in Antwerp. Since 2012, he’s been shaking up the fashion world with his eponymous label.

#Special #HighQuality 

With his label Monthly Payment, Alexandre Faulkner creates key pieces for a timeless wardrobe. Based in Montreal, the designer does his own thing, against the mainstream of the fashion industry – with great attention to detail and a personal touch to his designs. 

#Timless #FromMontreal #KeyPieces