Brenk Sinatra not only has a New Album but also a new label

29 July 2021

Text: Celine Lika

Interview: Martin Hufnagel

Pictures: Daniel Shaked

After decades in the music business, producer Brenk Sinatra decided to found his own label, Wave Planet Records. And what could be more fitting than starting with the release of his new album Boss Spieler University? Martin talked to the producer from Vienna about working on both his new label and album. 

Having worked in the business for a long time, Brenk is one of the best-known producers in Europe. Talking to him about music and the industry, you can tell that he is highly experienced, confident, and passionate. It therefore makes perfect sense that the producer from Vienna founded his own label and publishing company, Wave Planet Records.

After all those years, Brenk is still motivated and has new ideas. Like using his extensive experience to work with other artists at his label Wave Planet Records. ‘I’ve been dreaming of founding my own label for quite some time now’, Brenk says. ‘I’ve wanted to work closer – without intermediaries – with the artists, and also support young, emerging artists.’

Wave Planet Records will work with both established artists as well as up-and-coming ones. ‘We’ll just do whatever we feel like doing.’ This also refers to the music genres of the label: It will include German rap, English rap, instrumental, and more.

At Wave Planet Records, Brenk is responsible for the creative aspects, and others support him when it comes to things like contracts and administrative tasks. Believe and Groove Attack are part of the team to take care of international sales, while Budde Music from Berlin help with publishing. ‘I’m involved in everything that’s going on. Obviously, I won’t produce every track that we release, but with newcomers in particular, I will work on their first singles.’

When selecting emerging artists, Brenk likes it if someone has a vision of their music already, knows what they want and how they can use their talents. ‘When it comes to the music as such, I’m looking for stuff that can’t be found on every label – just special music and talented artists.’

Although Brenk says that having his own label is a lot of work, he ‘knew exactly what to expect. Of course, it’s time consuming when you have like 15,000 tasks a day and try to help wherever you can, like supporting young rappers, while at the same time, you’re an artist yourself, once again trying to come up with the greatest beat in the world.’ According to Brenk, it can be difficult to juggle all of these things, but he’s doing his best. ‘Soon, people will hear the results of all the hard work, and I’m sure they’ll love it.’

There’s one result that you can listen to and fall in love with already: Brenk just released his new album Boss Spieler University as the first release on Wave Planet Records. ‘I had been making and collecting tracks for a while when I noticed that they would also be perfect for an album. They have this shared aesthetic – the south in the 90s vibes.’ So, Brenk took the opportunity and started his new label with Boss Spieler University – definitely just the first one of many great releases yet to come from Wave Planet Records.

Brenk Sinatra – Boss Spieler University (Full Album)

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