18 March 2020

Photos & Text:
Catherine Constanzo
Title Photo 'Bemus Point Hotel'

Martin Hufnagel

Her grandfather gave Catherine a Polaroid camera when he was cleaning out his house. It sat on her shelf, collecting dust, until, one summer, she finally bought some film and tried it out. Thank god she did because Catherine’s Polaroids are an endless source of inspiration.
These pictures by the vintage Polaroid film photographer capture shadow and light in a mesmerising way and tell unique stories.  



Autumn in Chautauqua

October Electricity

Pool Side

When life feels so rushed, I’ve always found photography to be an escape from the constraints of time.
Then, when life feels like it’s either too much or never enough, there is photography again to transport me to another reality. Taking photographs has been and always will be the happiest activity in my life, saving me from the absurd realities I face and giving me the strength to face them in time. Deep, right? Gosh, I know.

I've always been interested in movies and film and how they can alter your reality, putting you in a perfect bubble for the moment.
Stories, perfect or imperfect, have always been my obsession. Through photography, I get to write my own tales. To me, a single photograph can tell a two-hour story, you just have to find the words. It's a beautiful thing.

For me, shadow and light are incredible performers when I am out shooting.
Shadows bouncing off buildings and walls allow me to bring more characters to the tale. When the light hits just right, and the shadows fall in place, that scene becomes a whole new realm. It may only be for a moment, but it's all I need to capture it with the camera. Then it's forever a place that I've really been. 

Dainty Flower Reflection

Delicate Touch

Hoop Dreams


Hallway Hand

Morning Billboard

Thank you, Catherine, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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