4 December 2019

Isaac Reina was born in Barcelona, where he studied architecture and fashion. He settled down in Paris in 1998 and joined Hermès at the men’s ready-to-wear studio. In 2006, he launched his eponymous line of leather accessories. Since then, the name Isaac Reina stands for beautiful, elegant, and high-quality leather items, made in France and Spain. To introduce him to you, we sat down with Isaac for a Q&A. 


Do you remember the first leather accessory that you fell in love with?

There are 2 possible answers:
Firstly, I don’t have a very strong souvenir of a specific leather accessory. Maybe one zipped folder document that belonged to my father in black and brilliant box calf, or a Kodak camera case in strong leather when I was a child.

Secondly, when I was working at Hermès (men’s ready-to-wear), I was impressed by the bags (and by everything else, of course), but more specifically, by the great small leather pieces, made in such a perfect way, so well thought out in all their details, and focused on usefulness above all!

At what point did you think about starting your own label?

I decided to move from clothing to accessories because I wanted to do something by myself. I was looking for the challenge to offer something interesting to my audience and to improve the technical aspects of my creations at the same time.

What’s your vision for Isaac Reina? Has it changed over the years?

My vision for Isaac Reina is an everlasting discussion with myself in order to create useful pieces. I'm always searching for the simplest and the smartest solution for everything; at the same time, doing research on the more modern and audacious forms and details in order to offer a contemporary and modern approach. Of course, I try to find the right balance between these classic-simple and modern-vanguard positions.

What are the next plans for your label and for you personally?

Today, we’re working very hard on production and logistics questions in order to be able to offer a relevant permanent collection to our customers. We're also working on commercial tools to expand our presence online and in shops and corners. Moreover, I’m very focused on developing a more important offer of egalitarian small pieces for everybody.

In the meantime, I’m working on other categories of products, such as furniture in leather and wood. A new project in this field will be presented in February 2020. 

How do you choose the leather for your accessories?

Leather is something fundamental for me. I’ve already tried other materials such as synthetics or fabrics, but they never achieved the amazing results of leather. Leather can be strong, soft, and sensual at the same time. It ages well, giving to the items a strong personality and creating an almost addictive relationship with their owners.

I select the leather for my creations on a case by case basis, depending on their intended function and desired characteristics, working very closely with the best in class tanneries of France, Italy, and Spain.

Thank you, Isaac, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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