Jordan Core

May 28, 2023

Jordan Core

Martin Hufnagel

What made you pick up a camera and start shooting pictures? 

I remember I was working at a shop in Brighton, near where I used to live. A lot of the guys there had film cameras, and i quite liked the way they looked and the concept of having physical images. So i brought my own little camera before I went to Thailand in 2019 and I just fell in love with taking photos since then.

Analog or digital?

Analogue mostly, but I am venturing into digital a little more these days.

What’s important to you when you photograph fashion?

I'm not too sure yaknow. Maybe trying to make it not so 'fashion' as we usually know it. I like to get people not being so serious and try to tap into their personalities when shooting, you usually get the best out of people this way.

What do you try to capture?

I like to capture people and personalities I guess. I try to tap into what makes them tick and bring that out in the work, it's why I love shooting in peoples homes so much. I suppose it makes sense as I started out just taking photos of friends.

Why did you start working for Story Mfg. ?

My good friend Jessie got me a job in the webshop shortly after I moved to Brighton, and then a series of very fortunate events led to the opening of the content department which I'm very lucky to work in with Saeed and Jessie on all creative outlets at Story!

What are your next projects?

I'm heading out to Marseille in August to shoot a little book, and am working on a long term project at the minute which i've had some people writing for and I am shooting for. It touches on exploring the sanctuary of space for a girl in her formative years, I'm hoping to publish it at some point and give all proceeds to charity!

Thank you, Jordan, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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