9 March 2019

Photos & Text:
Kevin Scali
Martin Hufnagel

Having grown up in a city 1 hour away from Rome, Kevin still lives there. When taking pictures, he doesn’t listen to music, but instead, he enjoys the silence and the noises of nature. If he was given a free flight, he'd go to Greenland.
As soon as Kevin tagged me in one of his beautiful sky and clouds photos, I knew that he must have his own series at The Wasted Hour.
After exchanging a few emails he sent me the following pictures, and came up with the concept of a winter/spring series. 

The following pictures were taken at Castelluccio di Norcia. It’s in the heart of Valneria, Umbria, Italy.

Around the end of May, the plains become a triumph of multicoloured shades, thousands of flowers bloom across the plateau, bursting with colours, with shades ranging from yellow to red, from violet to white. There is not a best or worst time to admire the flowering. It all depends of the meteorological season, and depending on this you’ll find more or less species, more or less colours.

The town, like a lot of little towns in the centre of Italy, was destroyed by an earthquake. The village is still almost completely destroyed, but if you go there you can see among the rubble and the immense drama a force stronger than anything else: that of the people who are trying their best to restore a village of only about a hundred inhabitants but of great historical and symbolic value.

Thank you, Kevin, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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