PODCAST | 06 December 2022

Interview: Linda Käckermann
Title Photo: Lina Mackeprang
Intro: Celine Lika


For this special episode, Martin leaves the interviewer’s chair to Linda – founder of Ain’t No Trash and his partner in crime at their pop-up store in Hamburg. She asks Martin everything you always wanted to know about the founder and creative director of The Wasted Hour. Learn more about how he went from studying law to starting a fashion store and magazine, why Acne Studios holds a special place in his heart, and the huge influence that music has on The Wasted Hour. They also discuss the importance of the stories behind the carefully selected pieces, having personal relationships with the brands, and why Martin wanted to open a store outside the digital world. [German]

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Thank you, Martin, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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