29 October 2020

Stewart Bywater

Martin Hufnagel


The London-based fashion designer Bethany Williams has taken sustainability to the next level. Not only does she donate parts of her profits to charity, but she also works together with charity services to develop new materials and fabrics. When I first met her in Paris in January, I was amazed not only by her beautiful collection, but also by the stories behind each garment. Toy waste, old tents and recycled blankets have been given a new purpose.
For the launch of Bethany's AW20 collection at The Wasted Hour, we talk about her background, how she was laughed at when she first presented her ideas, her first collaboration with groceries retailer Tesco, how she’s doing her research for social causes, and her upcoming projects with Adidas. 

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Thank you, Bethany, for being part of wasted hour.

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