8 October 2019

Photos & Text:
Rich Armitage

Interview & Intro:
Martin Hufnagel

Certain Instagram accounts convey the impression that can you get to know a person. Not because they keep pointing the camera on their face in their stories, but because their pictures share their perspective. 
Rich’s photos create an intimate feeling of his surroundings, and with this series he takes us on two journeys. The first is to Japan, a country he first visited 2 years ago. With the second series, he takes us to the University of Westminster, where he studied photography and digital imaging technologies. To get to know Rich a bit more, read the short Q&A below.


I first visited Japan 2 summers ago now. I think the thing that stuck me most is the food culture. Also – how animated everything is, it feels like you are in a cartoon world.

When did you take your first picture that made you think that you’re good at this?

I used to play around with early digital cameras when I was a kid, taking photos of anything and everything. I feel the turning point may have been when I started borrowing my friends mum's old 35mm camera.
Using film and knowing I had a limited number of shots made me start thinking about what I was shooting and taking more care over my shot. I guess after shooting a few rolls I realised, 'Hey there’s some nice photos here, maybe I'm actually quite good at this.’

What's the best thing you learned while studying?

To be honest, I spent a lot of time skiving class to go skateboarding, so I didn’t see the inside of the lecture hall very often. I’ve never been one to sit still – I learn best through experiencing things for myself.

Do you listen to music when you’re shooting?

I think I rarely listen to music when I shoot photos, I tend to shoot alone and get sucked into my own little world where I become inspired by everything and get trigger happy.

What was your most beautiful moment of 2019 so far?

Standing at the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Bled in Slovenia, that place is so beautiful.

If you could go back to a certain time of your life, which era would that be?

Either when I was a teenager with no worries and no responsibilities, and would hang out with my friends and go skateboarding every day. Or the period between university and my current job, it was like a free-for-all holiday.

When was the last time you were offline for more than 24 hours?

Tough question... probably when I’ve either lost or broken my phone. Does that make me really sad? (laughs)


When I was studying there, some of the corridors used to produce the most amazing light. It's funny, looking back now I wish I’d taken advantage of this opportunity. If I was to be there now I would get trigger happy and shoot roll after roll of film!

Thank you, Rich, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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