We have created an entire The Wasted Hour universe around our products.
Browse our magazine for articles on current issues, virtual photography exhibitions, and short pieces of creative writing. Eavesdrop on the inspiring conversations of Martin and his guests on The Wasted Hour Podcast or listen to our ever-evolving mixtape.
Editorials present our products in different contexts. 


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Fashion, artists, inspiration, and creative culture – our podcast is a space for free conversation that goes deeper. 
Editor-in-chief Martin and his guests talk about life and topics that inspire them and you. Let’s just follow wherever the conversation leads.

This is your space, where you share your individual interpretation of our styles. We’re curious to see how great you look in our products and how much you love them. Thank you for being part of The Wasted Hour. 

Looking for new ways to style our products? Let our monthly photo series inspire you. Acting on impulse and doing what feels natural, the spontaneous pictures capture the moment and make our products come to life.  

Read about current issues and people who inspire us in articles that are to the point. 

We provide a blank canvas where photographers express themselves freely. 
Photography portfolios, including pieces of writing and interviews, introduce fascinating artists and their inspiring work.

This collection of 100 songs is as diverse as The Wasted Hour Family. Every Monday, a member of our family chooses 5 new tracks, making our mixtape highly individual and alive. Meet your daily go-tos and new as well as long-forgotten friends from all music genres.

These short pieces of writing are made by you. Deep emotions, random observations, controversial issues – write about everything that’s on your mind, using whatever form you want to express yourself. Just let the words flow freely from your fingers onto the page.