10 April 2020

Photos & Text:
  Julia Rieß
  Celine Lika

Julia Rieß is one half of Design Studio Riess and has been part of The Wasted Hour since day 1.
The experiences in nature, deep conversations, good music, and many glasses of Prosecco during her quarantine in Ystad, Sweden inspired this picture series. 

I escaped to Ystad in Sweden and used the quarantine time for a lot of deep conversations, good music, long walks in nature, a swim in the sea – the first one this year – and loads of Prosecco.
I also shot this little photo series for The Wasted Hour and finally rekindled my love for photography. 

‘Ystad (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈy̌ːsta(d)] …) is a town and the seat of Ystad Municipality in Skåne County, Sweden. Ystad had 18,350 inhabitants in 2010. The settlement dates back to the 11th century and has become a busy ferryport, local administrative centre and tourist attraction.
The detective series Wallander, created by Henning Mankell, is set primarily in Ystad.
In 1285, the town's name was written Ystath. Its original meaning is not fully understood, but the “y” is probably related to an old word for the yew tree, while -stad is town, or place.’ (Wikipedia, Ystad

Thank you, Julia, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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