Jonas is our freelance graphic designer. He has an amazing eye for details and brilliantly creates our motion graphics. If he is not creating artworks for The Wasted Hour he works for his own magazine @gastgarten as the creative director. 

Jacket: Our Legacy
Pullover: MWORKS
Pants: Story Mfg.


Nele is our social media and marketing manager. You will find her in the store capturing and creating content. Her favorite brands are Our Legacy, Story mfg. and Eckhaus Latta. If she is not at the store she passionately paints new artworks in her studio.⁠

Vest: Our Legacy
Blouse & Dress: Our Legacy
Bag: Rejina Pyo
Boots: Our Legacy


Lena is a freelance stylist and a crucial part of The Wasted Hour. If you are ever in need of a good talk or just a laugh, Lena is the person you should talk to. Her favorite brands are Our Legacy, GmbH and Rejina Pyo. If not at our store, you will find her grinding on the floor.⁠⁠

Jacket: Rejina Pyo
Top: Rejina Pyo
Denim: Our Legacy
Sneaker: Puma⁠


Annie⁠ is a loyal costumer and friend from The Wasted Hour. Her favorite brands are Rejina Pyo, Eckhaus Latta and Our Legacy. If not at our store, you will find her at Carroux Café in Blankenese.⁠

Jacket: Rejina Pyo
Zip Jacket: Our Legacy
Flare Pants: Our Legacy
Boots: Our Legacy


Martin is the founder of The Wasted Hour. After graduating from law school, he decided to follow his passion for fashion and founded The Wasted Hour - a concept store and magazine.⁠In the rare moments he's not in the store, he spends time with his husband, at record stores, or on the dance floor.⁠

Jacket: Rolf Ekroth
Pants: MWORKS⁠
Shoes: Puma


Dongo is our freelance Visual Merchandiser. He has an amazing eye for detail, is a master at his craft and with passion and creativity he transformed our space into something very special. ⁠

Leather Jacket: CMMN SWDN
⁠Pants: CMMN SWDN⁠
Shoes: Puma
Bag: Rejina Pyo 


Mattis is our daily operations manager. You will find him in the store doing our visual merchandising and if you place an online order he will make sure to ship it with much love and attention to detail. If he is not at the store he passionately works for his own label Studio Altbau. 

Jeans: Our Legacy
Shoes: Reebok x Cottweiler
Bag: Rejina Pyo