Mona & Michi are amongst the very first The Wasted Hour customers. Together with their two cats, they live in the middle of Cologne, but find inspiration in travelling, music and art. 

Pants & Blouse: Rejina Pyo
Sneakers: Puma
T-Shirt: Story Mfg.
Jeans: Eckhaus Latta
Sneakers: Puma


Séan is a close friend and loyal costumer of The Wasted Hour. He was a fan of Our Legacy and Eckhaus Latta long before he discovered us and therefore especially values our brand selection. ⁠If he is not shopping at The Wasted Hour he studies multichannel trade management in textiles business as a MA student. Additionally he works as a Barkeeper at Izakaya by Dokuwa where you will find him serving sake.⁠

Coat, Shirt & Tie: mfpen
Jeans, Boots & Cardigan: Our Legacy


Konstantin is a close friend and loyal costumer of The Wasted Hour.⁠ If he is not shopping at The Wasted Hour he studies psychology as a MA student.

Boots: Virón
Jeans: Our Legacy
Jacket: JUNLI
Shirt: Phoebe English
Leather Bag: Isaac Reina


Malte discovered us, when we opened our store, together with Ain't No Trash, back in summer last year at the Neuer Wall. As he himself works as a carpenter, he has a high affinity for high-quality materials and unique designs, attributes he values at The Wasted Hour and the brands we carry.⁠

Jacket: Our Legacy
Pullover: mfpen
Jeans: mfpen


Ines is a sunshine: She’s an international model and from the first time we’ve talked on the phone before our first shooting we’ve bonded. Every time we shoot with her, she lightens up our moods and of course every picture she’s in. Wether it’s on set, in my old apartment or in front of our office. 

Jacket: Rejina Pyo
Jeans: Rejina Pyo
Boots: Our Legacy


Silke is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Hamburg. After attaining a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design she naturally merged her background in fashion with her passion for taking pictures and started pursuing photography professionally.

Coat: Rejina Pyo
Top: Eckhaus Latta
Pants: Rejina Pyo
Sneakers: Puma


Linda Käckermann, founder of the vintage design studio Ain’t No Trash. After having known each other for quite some time, Martin and Linda joined forces earlier last year to open their pop-up store Ain’t No Wasted Hour – combining fashion and furniture. 

Top: Eckhaus Latta
Pants: Eckhaus Latta


Nele is our social media and marketing manager. You will find her in the store capturing and creating content. If she is not at the store she passionately paints new artworks in her studio.⁠

Vest: Our Legacy
Blouse: Our Legacy
Dress: Our Legacy
Boots: Our Legacy
Bag: Rejina Pyo


Lena is a freelance stylist and a crucial part of The Wasted Hour. If you are ever in need of a good talk or just a laugh, Lena is the person you should talk to.  If not at our store, you will find her grinding on the floor.⁠

Jacket: Rejina Pyo
Top: Rejina Pyo
Jeans: Our Legacy
Sneakers: Puma
Bag: Rejina Pyo


Annie⁠ is a loyal costumer and friend from The Wasted Hour. Her favorite brands are Rejina Pyo, Eckhaus Latta and Our Legacy. If not at our store, you will find her at Caroux Café in Blankenese.⁠

Jacket: Rejina Pyo
Zip Jacket: Our Legacy
Pants: Our Legacy
Boots: Our Legacy 
Bag: Our Legacy


Martin is the founder of The Wasted Hour. After graduating from law school, he decided to follow his passion for fashion and founded The Wasted Hour. ⁠In the rare moments he's not in the store, he spends time with his husband, at record stores, or on the dance floor.⁠

Jacket: Rolf Ekroth
Sneaker: Puma⁠


Dongo is our freelance Visual Merchandiser. He has an amazing eye for detail, is a master at his craft and with passion and creativity he transformed our space into something very special. ⁠

Bag: Rejina Pyo
Sneaker: Puma⁠


Mattis is our daily operations manager. You will find him in the store doing our visual merchandising and if you place an online order he will make sure to ship it with much love and attention to detail. If he is not at the store he passionately works for his own label Studio Altbau.⁠⁠⁠

T-Shirt: Monthly Payment
Pants: Simon Lextrait
Bag: Rejina Pyo
Sneaker: Puma⁠