VIEW | 23 November 2019

Photos: Maxime Mano
Interview & Intro: Martin Hufnagel

After moving from Bordeaux to Paris, Maxime picked up a camera to document people and places in the vibrant capital city of France.
He brought his camera to house parties, bars and night trains in Paris, immortalising these moments of high energy. With subjects ranging from junk food to a dead rat, Maxime certainly has an eye for capturing ironic and out of the ordinary shots.
His body of work, curated for the first time as an exhibition, is characterised by a unique and vibrant touch of weirdness, leaving you to imagine the stories behind his photographs.

Visit Maxime's exhibition Divine Is Paris on 26 November, 11 Rue Keller 75011 Paris.

Why did you pick-up a camera and start shooting photos in the first place?

It started with the 'concept' of doing my instagram feed with a real camera instead of using my phone like a lot of people.

After moving from Bordeaux to Paris in 2011, you stated that Paris feels more like your hometown now. What’s your favourite place in the city?

I think my favourite place is ... that’s a tough one (laughs) ... the 11th district, where I live now.

How did skateboarding influence your style of photography?

It had an impact for my eye, like analysing the whole environment where I am. What can I do ? What are my skills ? Am I capable of doing it the way I want to? And the music I was listening while skating, the same that I am still listening to.

What’s the meaning behind the title of the exhibition Divine Is Paris?

It came from my point of view: Paris is a beautiful lady to me, she is divine.

How did you decide which photos to showcase for the exhibition?

It was really difficult to choose, difficult to take a step back from my work. So, I had help from my friends, including Jonas and Julien.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned during your studies at Art School?

It is clearly a sentence from my photography teacher: 'Never shoot anything a thousand time like a jerk.' (laughs)

For you, what makes good photography?

The eye of the photographer, the feelings it brings to my heart and soul.

What’s up next for you after the exhibition?

I want to go to the moon, and build a huge skatepark, and try to shoot the guys out there ... (laughs)

Thank you, Maxime, for being part of THE WASTED HOUR.

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