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Fashion, artists, inspiration, and creative culture – our podcast is a space for free conversation that goes deeper.
Editor-in-chief Martin and his guests talk about life and topics that inspire them and you. Let’s just follow wherever the conversation leads. 

PODCAST | 10 January 2023


In the new episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin chats with Saif Bakir – one half of the designer duo behind CMMN SWDN. Listen in as they discuss 90s music and tips for a career in fashion. Learn all about Saif’s first meeting with his co-founder and now wife Emma, their work for Kanye West in Paris, and how they launched their label in Malmö in 2012.


PODCAST | 20 December 2022


The Wasted Hour Podcast is back with another fascinating guest: Tune in as Martin and Zoe Latta of Eckhaus Latta talk about thrift shopping and the first piece of clothing that she fell in love with. Learn how she and Mike Eckhaus went from disliking each other to launching their own fashion label and the story behind their gender-fluid designs.


PODCAST | 06 December 2022


In this special episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin hands over his interviewer seat to Linda of Ain’t No Trash. She asks him everything you always wanted to know about the founder and creative director of The Wasted Hour. Learn more about why Acne Studios holds a special place in his heart, the role of music, and his relationships with the brands. [German]


PODCAST | 22 November 2022


In the new episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin is joined by Linda Käckermann – founder of the vintage design studio Ain’t No Trash. This year, the two opened their pop-up store Ain’t No Wasted Hour together. Listen in on their chat about Linda’s first vintage furniture piece, her studio in Hamburg Niendorf, and starting your own business. [German]


PODCAST | 19 August 2021


Katja Ruge is a woman of many talents: The Hamburg-based photographer not only takes intense & intimate portrait photos of artists but also makes music herself. In today's episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin and Katja chat about how the club Front in Hamburg introduced her to the night life, how she got into photography and about the time she met Take That in Manchester.  They also discuss what Katja is currently working on: the Fe:Male Rap Project.


PODCAST | 10 June 2021


The Australian designer duo Kiel Rogers and Rhys Scott have created a culture around their label, which is founded on music. GARBAGEtv is well-known for their avant-garde and DIY aesthetic. To introduce you to the label, Martin had a chat with Kiel in this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast. They talked about internships with Comme des Garcons, Jeremy Scott, and Walter Van Beirendonck as well as the beginnings of GARBAGEtv. Kiel tells Martin why he had to delete his AirBnB account following the label's first time at Paris Fashion Week, music and illegal raves, and, of course, fashion.


PODCAST | 18 February 2021


Fiona O’Neill first got into fashion by making a Halloween costume when she was 12. With her self-named label, the Irish designer approaches fashion from an art perspective, and her fascinating prints caught Martin’s eye. In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin and Fiona chat about using Instagram filters to create patterns, eco-friendly fashion, how she initially didn’t want to go to Central Saint Martins but ended up loving it there, and her first customer Björk. They discuss her brand’s future, which includes more printing, more sustainability, and more Ireland. Martin and Fiona also find out that they’re both dreaming of a house on a remote island somewhere in Norway. 


PODCAST | 4 February 2021


When a friend gave her a pocket synthesizer, Ela Minus knew that she finally found what she had been looking for. She swapped studying coding at Berkeley for making electronic music. Now, the Columbian-born musician, producer, and artist has turned her passion for experimenting with synthesizers into an album: Acts of Rebellion. In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Martin and Ela talk about the creation of this record as well as their shared love of Radiohead and dislike for maths in school. They also discuss how Ela’s taste in music has changed, how her style has evolved accordingly and how some music hits different as a teenager.


PODCAST | 14 January 2021

Lou Hayter

In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, I talk with Lou Hayter, London-based musician, DJ, and musical director. We talk about her favourite Madonna song, her time as keyboarder of New Young Pony Club, the Tomorrow’s World album with Air’s JB Dunckel, her stage fright, the difference between DJing at clubs and at fashion shows and, of course, her new music.


PODCAST | 8 January 2021


When I started law school in 2010 and landed my first job at a men’s outfitter, I browsed through street style photography for inspiration. Through Tommy Ton’s blog Jak & Jil I came across Milan Vukmirovic and his magazine Fashion For Men. Since I felt like men’s fashion was often treated as second class, this magazine was a complete revelation to me. Until today, I have almost every issue. So, I’m very happy to have Milan on The Wasted Hour Podcast and to share our conversation from September with you. We talked about the last fashion piece he bought, the legendary Paris concept store Colette, working as a designer at Gucci and Jil Sander, shooting his first photos under a fake name and, of course, Fashion For Men.


PODCAST | 10 December 2020


After having featured him in our View series in January, I’m honoured to have Tag on The Wasted Hour Podcast. We talked about his first Instagram post, industrial design, the moment he realised he wanted to be an architect, his road trips through America and, of course, photography.


PODCAST | 3 December 2020


Simon Lextrait and his eponymous label are deeply connected to nature. Since he was a child, Simon has been interested in archaeology and anthropology. After studying fashion design in Geneva and Amsterdam, he found a way to express these inspirations. With the launch of Simon Lextrait at The Wasted Hour we had a conversation about growing up in the South of France, why telling a story with a collection is important, the Japanese flower pounding technique known as Tataki Zome, and much more. 


PODCAST | 19 November 2020


Phoebe English founded her self-named label based on sustainability and craftsmanship, which are crucial to each collection. She has actively pursued change within the fashion world to improve sustainability within the industry. With the launch of her Nothing New collection at The Wasted Hour (a collection made entirely from reclaimed materials sourced from designers and studios across London) we talked about her favourite actress, her creative family, her first internship with a couturier in Paris, her studies at Central Saint Martins, how she founded her label in 2011, her commitment to sustainability and much more. 


PODCAST | 29 October 2020


The London-based fashion designer Bethany Williams has taken sustainability to the next level. Not only does she donate parts of her profits to charity, but she also works together with charity services to develop new materials and fabrics. When I first met her in Paris in January, I was amazed not only by her beautiful collection, but also by the stories behind each garment. Toy waste, old tents and recycled blankets have been given a new purpose. For the launch of Bethany's AW20 collection at The Wasted Hour, we talk about her background, how she was laughed at when she first presented her ideas, her first collaboration with groceries retailer Tesco, how she’s doing her research for social causes, and her upcoming projects with Adidas. 


PODCAST | 18 June 2020


Jun Li is – without a doubt – one of the most promising new designers. Hailing from Shanghai, China he fuses his experience, craftsmanship and inspirations to form beautiful collections. For this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, Jun met with our editor-in-chief Martin in January during Paris Fashion Week to talk about how his cousin got him into fashion, studying in Shanghai and later in London, why Jun doesn’t like to do interviews, the difference between womenswear and menswear, and his latest projects. 


PODCAST | 14 May 2020


The guy who does everything – actor, rapper, model, entertainer. ‘I can do everything. I don’t mean to be cocky, but I just can!’ Booz can…and does…do everything. In this episode of The Wasted Hour Podcast, our editor-in-chief Martin talks with Booz about his goals and how to reach them, the difficulties of being in the industry, Skylines, his idol Will Smith and his favourite spots in his hometown Hamburg. [German]


PODCAST | 16 April 2020


Rolf Ekroth’s backstory is quite unusual. He studied psychology and social work, and even worked as a professional poker player before eventually finding his true passion: fashion. He met with our editor-in-chief Martin at the NoSeason showroom during Paris Fashion Week to talk about growing up in Finland, the death of Mac Miller, 2pac, online poker and, of course, his collections. 


PODCAST | 30 January 2020


With his latest record Midnite Ride II, producer Brenk Sinatra has released my favourite album of the year. When I listen to tracks like ‘Dali 96’, I feel everything falling into place, and (as pathetic as this may sound) I feel that there’s a reason why we’re here on this earth. On a cold but sunny day, we met in his studio in Vienna to talk about his favourite place in the city, the death of Nipsey Hustle, making music for a living and, of course, Midnite Ride II.


PODCAST | 19 December 2019


During my time in Melbourne, I was happy to spend an afternoon with Roza to talk about her beginnings, how her dad showed her how to use logic and record something, the electronic music scene in Melbourne, and touring around the world in five months.


PODCAST | 5 December 2019


Sleep D and their label Butter Sessions are one of the main pillars of the current electronic scene in Melbourne. In contrast to many other producers and DJs from this beautiful city in Australia, Corey and Maryos haven’t left town to settle in Europe. From the very beginning, they built their tight-knit network, at first through an online platform and later through their label. Our editor-in-chief Martin met with them at their studio in Carlton to talk about growing up in Frankston and going to underage clubs, forming Sleep D and their label Butter Sessions, the whole DIY approach and, of course, their new album, Rebel Force


PODCAST | 21 November 2019


Have you ever ditched the scheduled programme of a school or university trip and wandered off with someone to explore the city by yourselves? That’s basically how Ben and Matthew, the founders of Cottweiler, met. They were both enrolled in a fashion design course in Bristol, but it wasn’t until an excursion to Paris that they bonded over their taste in music and their dislike of following other people's rules. A few years later, they founded Cottweiler. In May, they met with our editor-in-chief Martin to talk about that trip to Paris, combining sportswear and tailoring, winning the Woolmark Prize in 2017, their best party stories and, of course, about their collection The Lost Art of Cruising. 


PODCAST | 14 November 2019


With the introduction of his collection to The Wasted Hour, I was happy to meet Yang the day after his fashion show in Paris. On the bench in front of his showroom, we talked about the influence of skateboarding, studying at Central Saint Martins, dropping out, being an intern at Raf Simons and, of course, music. 


PODCAST | 17 October 2019


Nathan Micay and our editor-in-chief Martin met at his apartment in Berlin and talked about his beginnings, playing support for Skrillex, living a healthy lifestyle, being a personal trainer for his DJ colleagues, moving to Berlin and, of course, his latest releases.


PODCAST | 26 June 2019


JaJa Kisses makes music that leaves you feeling sexy, vulnerable, good, and full of longing. We spent an afternoon in London, the city where she was born and raised, to talk about her hair, smoking weed, Destiny’s Child and, of course, her music.


PODCAST | 8 May 2019


Some albums come to you at the perfect moment. Last year, just when winter had arrived, I was sitting on the train, travelling back to Hamburg after an emotional encounter. Staring out of the window and the already white landscape, Lea Porcelain’s debut album Hymns to the Night caught me. Their sound is the result of Markus’ strong and expressive voice and Julien’s beautiful soundscapes. One sunny day, we met at the Funkhaus in Berlin to talk about their first encounter at the Robert Johnson Club, the energy at night, music in skate videos and, of course, their new song ‘I Am OK’. 


PODCAST | 24 March 2019


I met La Fleur in Berlin Neukölln on the vinyl release day of her new EP Aphelion to talk about her shift from working as a pharmacist to being a full time DJ and producer, moving from Sweden to Berlin, her vision for her own label, taking care of yourself and, of course, her new record.